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Large Group Tasting

This event is designed as a walk-around tasing for groups of more than 24 guests.

Your guests arrive, pick up a glass, and enjoy a sparkling wine to begin. When all have arrived, I give a brief introduction on tasting tips and the theme of the event. Then everyone can walk around at their own pace to taste the wines arranged in logical tasting order around the room. I am on hand to answer questions, pour wines, mingle, etc.

• 8 (but no more than 10) wines are recommended for this type of event.

• I typically serve, but pourers can be provided if necessary. Volunteers from the client may also pour.

• Detailed tasting notes are provided.

• Glassware can be provided, as needed, for an additional fee.

• Hors d'oeuvres or some sort of light buffet meal is suggested. Caterer recommendations can be provided or you can make your own arrangements.

• These tastings run two-to-three hours. Fees start at $35/person with a guarantee of $875. The fee includes wines in the $10-$30 retail range. Higher priced wines and a wider tasting range can be made available at an additional fee. Please contact me at 503-208-4703 or via email for more information.

• Payment in full is required in advance of the event. A deposit may be required to hold certain dates. Credit card payments accepted via PayPal. Cash and checks are also accepted.