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Winebaer Events - An Introduction

I'm David Baer, a consumer wine educator, and industry wine consultant, helping consumers discover and enjoy wine since 1999. In addition to my work with restaurants and wine shops, I host social, corporate, and fund raising tastings, plan wine dinners, and teach classes. I worked in New York for celebrated Importer and Distributor Polaner Selections before relocating to Portland, OR in the spring of 2008, where I now am the sales and marketing director for Vine Merchants.

I can design a wine event around most any theme and budget, from a basic introduction to wine to an in-depth exploration of the most outlandish and bizarre wines of the world. Everything I do is designed to be fun... none of that technically silly wine-speak that can intimidate so many people.

I have studied under Kevin Zraly, Willie Gluckstern, and Andrea Immer, as well as at The French Culinary Institute and The Institute for Culinary Education (NYC). From my early days of drinking whatever wines I could get my hands on to my more recent trips to the vineyards of North America and Europe, I have always enjoyed wine. Wine has been a natural partner to food for thousands of years. It belongs at the table, and I am constantly amazed at how it can enhance almost any meal.

I invite you to explore the pages of this site. The tastings listed here are just a sampling of what I can do for you. If you are interested in a free consultation please email me or call me directly on my cell phone at (503) 208-4703.

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