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Themed Tastings & Events

The themes of WINEBAER events are only limited by the imagination. There are many ways to explore wines' similarities, differences, and unique atributes through taste, but why stop there? How about cooking a meal to go with your wines? Or what about a wine shopping and tasting party? If you are up for the silly and outlandish, SO AM I!

Some themes to consider:
• Grape Specific Comparison
• Geographic Specific Comparison
• Vintage Specific Comparison• Wine & Food Pairing
• Great Wine Values
• How to Read a Wine List
• Food Friendly Wines
• The Best Wines You've Never Heard Of
• Old World vs. New World Wines
• Understanding Wine Styles• Help! All I want is something to drink!
• pricing is based on the event theme, length of the event, and the wines selected, and is determined after consultation. Please contact me at 503-208-4703 or via email for more information.